INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Salah Tracker insert, prayer tracker, Muslim kids gift, Ramadan gift, Islamic gifts for kids, download 5 colors!

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Help your kids keep track of their prayers with this salah tracker. Insert in any 5x7" photo frame and glue a key to the front for a 3D effect that adds visual interest and makes the concept easy to remember. For one low price of 99cents, you can download 5 color variations for multiple kids or to go with the room decor or preference. Choose from beige (shown), or pale blue, dark pink, lime green or purple. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Instantly download the print. I have uploaded blue and natural as a single file and the other colors as 2 to a page to save paper. 2. Print them in on any kind of paper. 3. Cut your print to a 5x7 using a scissor or paper trimmer. 4. Insert in any 5"x7" photo frame 5. Hot glue any key 6. Use a dry-erase marker to keep track of prayers for the week. 7. Parents can decide if they would like to reward kids for praying regularly etc. 8. Every Friday wipe it down and start fresh. Do check out our store for Eid and Ramadan candy wrapper, bag toppers and so much more. Like what you see? Check out other designs here: