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If you are looking for something about Ramadan to share with neighbors, co-workers, teachers etc., here is a digital download of a card I whipped up with some simple text. I made it into a digital download so you don't have to wait for me to email it to you. You can download, print and cut exactly when you need it, even if its 3 am where you live. The 99 cents nominal charge is just to cover bank and etsy fees. THIS IS A DIGITAL INSTANT DOWNLOAD FILE. Nothing will be emailed or mailed to you. The downloaded file will NOT mention Chicago or the youth program so you can use it in any city from anyone or any family. You can even sign your names at the end. You can use these cards with goodies like dates or candy that you share with those who many now know about Ramadan. It's just a simple idea taken Up A Notch. Each sheet contains 2 cards that measure 4" x 6" each. You can print 2 per page on card stock in landscape orientation. You can print at home or at any store like Kinkos or Office Max. The coordinating candy bar wrappers can be found here: For your Muslim friends, I also have a digital download for date jar labels with the dua for breaking the fast. You can find it here: Do check out our store for Eid and Ramadan candy wrapper, bag toppers and so much more. Like what you see? Check out other designs here: