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Since 2013, we have been offering free date jars labels before and during Ramadan. This year we have made it into a digital download so you don't have to wait for me to email it to you. You can download, print and cut exactly when you need it, even if its 3 am where you live. The $2 nominal charge is just to cover bank and etsy fees. Everyone loves and eats dates in Ramadan, so why not gift them before Ramadan begins so everyone thinks of you at iftar. A simple gift presented in a unique way that reflects your style. Each sheet contains 2 front labels, 2 back labels (with dua for breaking the fast) and 4 lids. You can cut around the lid depending on the brand of mason jar you use. I like the Mainstays brand available at Walmart (blue and white box) the best because its sides are smooth and labels are easy to apply. Or you can use a 2" circle punch to cut the lids. You can write your or your family's name (if you choose) on the lid. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Instantly download the labels. 2. Print them in color on good quality 8.5" x 11" copier paper in portrait mode 3. Cut your labels using a scissor or paper trimmer. 4. Attach to mason jars with double sided tape. 5. Tie a coordinating ribbon 6. Fill with dates and spread the joy of the season :) So, this year, take Ramadan celebrations UP A NOTCH by giving all your friends and family date jars. You can print as many as you like for PERSONAL use. If you would like to have labels for your business or organization, please contact me. If you do not want to print and cut the labels yourself, you can purchase them here: Do check out our store for Eid and Ramadan candy wrapper, bag toppers and so much more. Like what you see? Check out other designs here: