24 Custom gift tags, Eid gift stickers

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Sometimes you just want to give cash or gift cards as presents. We can help you take that Up A Notch too :) Instead of looking for the perfect card or scrambling for a pen on your way to the party, you can have plenty of personalized gift tags on hand. These soft watercolors are suited for any event. Or you can order personalized stickers that you can stick on a small envelope or gift box.

For the gift tags, you punch a hole and thread ribbon through. Stock up for a whole year of adding your personalized touch to gift giving. This is a listing for 24 personalized tags in a business card size measuring 3" x 2.5" each. They are perfect for Eid, birthdays or any occasion you choose. You can specify what text you would like on the stickers/cards. If you choose a sticker, all you have to do is peel off the sticker paper backing. Free US Shipping.