SALE: Black Lives Matter Fridge Magnet, Anti-racism magnet

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20% sale! Racism isn't just an American problem. It is a global issue and as Muslims we have to be very clear about where we stand. Silence is not an option. This 3" x 4" fridge magnet features verse 22 of chapter 30 (Rum) of the Quran which states that one of the signs of God is the diversity of our languages and colors. It is something to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate. 

These magnets can make the perfect small gift for your students, co-workers, friends or to include with an Eid gift or party favor. It will stay on your friends' refrigerators or inside their work locker or cubicle and remind them of this ayah - and of you :) 

Sold in packs of 10. FREE U.S. First Class shipping.