Amazon theme birthday favors

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Do you have an Amazon lover in your family? Someone who gets boxes every day? Throw them an Amazon theme birthday party to to celebrate any other event and take it Up A Notch. Swipe to see my Amazon theme dessert table. If you're planning a unique party or bridal shower, these personalized candy bars can add the finishing touch your dessert table or party favor.

Take the generic store-bought stuff UP A NOTCH with this unique idea that reflects your style and honors the birthday girl or the bride to be. You will receive 24 personalized candy bar wrappers, custom cut foil and wrapping instructions. This does NOT include the candy.

You can specify what text you would like on the front and back of the wrapper. e will send you instructions on how to easily wrap the bars. This wrapper is custom cut to fit a standard 1.55oz Hershey, Cookies and Cream or Crunch Bar. If you would like some other text printed on the back, pls mention it in the notes. The same text will print on ALL wrappers in one order. If nothing is specified, you will receive blank backs. 24 is the minimum order for each design. Other size wrappers like Kit Kat bars, snack size Hershey bars, miniatures and nuggets are also available.

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