Up A Notch was born when my kids were little and I wanted to make Eid and Ramadan special for them and didn't find many options available. They felt as American as apple pie, so I came up with the idea of personalized candy wrappers for our holidays too.

I've always had a sweet tooth, so combining custom designs with delicious chocolate seemed like a great way to incorporate both of my favorite things to celebrate a myriad of occasions.

Anyone can pick up generic stuff from the grocery store (gasp!), but if you want your party, shower, wedding, or graduation to stand out, personalization is the key!

Aameens and wedding favors have become very popular as Up A Notch grows. People like to add that personalized touch to every special occasion and wrappers are a cute and cost-effective way to do that.

Thank you for reading this and supporting my journey. Here is to bigger and better things!