Hajj, Umrah, Eid ul Adha candy wrappers

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Celebrate a milestone in your loved ones life when they return from Hajj or Umrah. Take your Hajj, Umrah or Eid al Adha party UP A NOTCH with our personalized candy bars. his does NOT include the candy bars. The inspiration behind the hexagon print is that it takes team work (like the honey bee) to go for Hajj. From the people who will watch your children, to your Hajj group mates and guide, everyone needs to work together to get the most out of this unique experience.

Everyone loves candy, so why not present it in a unique way that reflects your style? This is a listing for 24 personalized candy bar wrappers for Hajj, Umrah or Eid ul Adha. You can specify what text you would like on the front and back of the wrapper. This wrapper is custom cut to fit a standard 1.55oz Hershey bar or Nestle Crunch Bar. You will receive 24 wrappers and 24 pieces of foil. We use custom-cut high quality coordinating foil. You will also receive simple wrapping instructions. T