Eid ul Adha Activity Box

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You guys loved the Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr candy boxes so much, I knew I had to do it again! This Eid however, I have increased the hands-on fun and decreased the sugar :) Order a box for your own kids or have me mail a box or two to your nieces and nephews or other children who have a special place in your heart. I ship all over the U.S. Please place a SEPARATE order for each shipping address. 

What's in the Eid ul Adha Activity Box?
Each box is perfect for 2 kids. More kids can use the same box if they are ok with sharing. If not, you can always upgrade to order for a family of 3 or 4 kids too. The activities are suited for kids around 3-10 years old. You know your child best :)

Each box will have the kids names on it and will contain:
1. Eid Moo-Barak cow print banner. 1 per box
2. A printed full-color 10-page activity book for Dhul Hajj. 1 per child.
3. Dress-up Haji craft. 1 per child.
4. Build your kabah craft. 1 per child. 
5. Pack of 10 Eid ul Adha candy wrappers. 1 pack per box
6. Cow print goody bag with stickers and non-meltable candy. 1 per child.
7. First 30 boxes get a FREE miniature ceramic sheep.
8. Surprise Eid gift for the parents.

Pre-orders until June 18 get FREE Shipping

All orders will be delivered by July 20 iA so kids can enjoy the daily activities for the special first 10 days of Dhal Hajj.